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It’s 2019 and I have to say that the past three years have been a blur.  What my predecessors already know and my successors will soon discover, the path from Secretary to President is a lot shorter than it initially seems.  I suspect my year as President will be over in a flash, too.


The Chapter offered two very successful seminars in 2018 and we’re planning at least three in 2019.  The details on timing and specific locations will be forthcoming, but our initial seminar will be in New Orleans in the first quarter of the year with one to follow in Shreveport.  Many thanks to Wayne Pugh, MAI for his efforts in securing the instructors for the 2018 seminars – both at short notice.  Wayne has also been instrumental in putting together the seminars that will be offered this year.


I would also like to thank our Past President, Danny Blanchard, SRA, and particularly our new Executive Director, Nancy Linton-Hall, for their efforts in running through a long checklist of requirements that allowed them to turn over a fiscally-sound Chapter to the 2019 administration.


The Louisiana Chapter added four new designees to the membership in 2018 and we already have a new designated member in 2019.  Congratulations are extended to the following folks:



Norman Hingle, III, SRA



Woody Crochet, III, MAI

Tom Hancock, MAI

Chris Smiroldo, SRA

Lauren Snider, MAI


Woody Crochet, MAI has already begun giving back to the Louisiana Chapter, securing the post of Chapter Secretary for 2019.  A number of relatively recently designated members are also serving in Chapter positions this year; Ashton Ray, MAI (2018) as a Regional Representative, Ryan Gay, MAI (2016) and Chris Smiroldo, SRA (2018) are both on the Candidate Guidance Committee, Ben Oubre, MAI, AI-GRS (2015) is on the Nominating Committee, and Tom Hancock, MAI (2018) is an Alternate Regional Rep.  Thanks to these folks and to everyone else who is serving in 2019.


All of our Chapter positions are vital to keeping the Chapter productive and in good standing with the Appraisal Institute.  I encourage any and all of our Chapter members, whether currently designated or working towards a designation, to consider serving the Louisiana Chapter in some capacity.  If you’re interested, please reach out to one of the officers on the Chapter Website’s Leadership page or to Nancy, the Executive Director, for information and guidance.


Lastly, as many of you have heard, there will be changes in the near future that affect how Chapter Finances are handled.   As of November 2018, 24 Chapters have transitioned to CFMAP (Chapter Financial Management and Administration Policy) with 9 more scheduled to launch continuing in November 2018 and on through 2019.  The Louisiana Chapter is one of those 9, though a specific date for our transition has not been set.  Look to the Chapter Newsletter for updates on that rollout.


I’m looking forward to the challenges that this year will bring and I’m extremely fortunate to be assisted by a great leadership team consisting of Janis Bonura, SRA, AI-RRS, Vice-President, Rob Russell, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, Treasurer, and as previously noted, Woody Crochet, MAI, Secretary.  Please feel free to contact us or any of the committee members with questions or suggestions concerning the various facets of the Louisiana Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. 




Kevin Lemoine, MAI

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